September 1, 2009

The first 3 months

Hey little man,

I wanted to jot down some thoughts and memories before they escaped me...which some already have.

You have been with us just over 3 months now but it feels like you have been with us always (in a good way). I'm already missing the little newborn baby and all the quirkiness that comes with one. You were so tiny but perfect, a perfect little man. Some of my fondest memories where all the cute sqeaks and sounds you made. Like a doggy squeak toy and a sheep baa-ing. Those sounds are gone, replaced with your new version of talking.

I was also amazed at how when I held you on my chest those first fews days, you moved exactly like you did in my tummy. Now i could identify the parts that caused all those weird sensations. You also love to snuggle up under our chin, almost to the point that it feels like we are going to hurt your soft spot with our chin.

I miss those first few weeks when all we could do was stare at you, for hours upon hours! What did you do today, oh just stared at the baby:-). We snuggled in bed and slept and just got to know each other. I'm hoping you like nap as much as I do. In fact, many people wondered if you ever opened your eyes in that first month. You also raise your eyebrows really high and crack one eye open when you're trying to wake up, just like daddy. It looks like "if I can just raise my brows high enough, maybe my eyes will open."

I also loved your "turtle" look. You had all this extra skin on your neck and when you stretched you head up you looked like a turtle emerging from a shell. Come to think of it, you still have that same stretch.

What else, see so many of the memories are already fading. You still make us laugh with all your grunting when you have to go potty. Just like a guy! In the last few weeks you are able to get your hands in your mouth, and I mean hands. No fingers, no thumb, the whole fist and sometimes both fists. You act like it is the best thing you have ever found. You still like to eat every three hours during the day and have since day 1. You can be sound asleep at 2:59 and wake up screaming for food the next second. A very relaible alarm clock. You attack the bottle like you haven't eaten in days :-).

You are starting to become very aware of your surroundings and want to sit up or stand all the time. Isabel has become one of your favorite people. You are starting to smile so much and love to "talk" with us. You are sleeping about 5-6 hours straight at night but still want that middle of the night snack. And you absolutely LOVE to be outside, even in the 110 degree heat.

I love you little man,

Your mamma.

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Ohio Grandma said...

How much fun it is to watch my daughter with her new son. It makes my heart jump with joy. Love and peace for all