September 30, 2009

4 months

Hey little man,

You are four months and two days old! The time is going by so quickly. You are growing and developing so fast. I miss the little newborn, but I enjoy you so much right now. I love the huge smile you give me every morning and the 30 minutes or so of snuggling we get before I have to go to work. Soon enough, you are going to be on the go from the moment you wake up but for now I can usually convince you to take a little morning cat nap.

Just this week, you have discovered your feet and are very interested in them. You can't quite get them in your mouth but I'm sure that is a matter of time. You still love to clasp your hands together and usually have them that way, then you try to shove both of them in your mouth. You are a very cheap kid, because your favorite toy is a blanket, bib, burb cloth etc... not very interested in real toys :-). You're a drool monster and always want to chew on something...maybe a sign of teething?

I found you this morning sleeping on your belly...I think this has happened a few times, but today I am positive. You rolled over from your back to belly. We have never seen it...just find you like that. After your first day of rolling from belly to back you haven't been very interested in doing that again. I wonder why?

The doctor has us starting you on baby food and that has been fun. You like it ok as long as it doesn't interfere with a bottle feeding. If you are hungry, you want nothing to do with real food and scream until you get your bottle. We have become very good at timing it so your in a happy mood. Your first day of eating peas was a huge success and you ate the whole container! It's funny to watch you because your mouth starts chomping up and down whether there is a spoon in there or not...kind of like a little machine.

Lately you have been throwing huge fits that break my heart. 20 minutes or more of top of your lungs crying with tears and you just stare at me as if to ask why I'm not doing anything. Really! It's not fair. It happens a lot when you are ready for bed but lately it's been very random. The rest of the time you are a happy, smiling baby.

Did I mention that already you would prefer to be sitting or standing, not laying down or cuddled in my arms. You very much want to see what is going on. Your favorite new "piece of furniture" is the bumbo seat. It allows you to sit up on your own and very supported. Oh, and you still hate the swing. Why is that? And you're starting to hate being in the car seat too. The 2 things that are suppose to calm and soothe you. On the other hand, you LOVE laying in your crib and talking to your mobile :-)

4 months old...15 lbs (50 percintile)

Love you Kian!

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