February 23, 2010

So thankful

Since I was pregnant I have been obsessed with reading stories about other peoples difficult pregnancy's, problems with birth, problems after birth, etc. These are really, really sad stories and I don't know these people and I don't know why I want to read their stories. I often wonder if it helps put things into perspective for me. To help me realize my issues could be so much worse. To make me feel lucky. I really don't know what it does but I can't stop searching out and reading.

I've recently stumbled across a blog that breaks my heart (http://laylagrace.org/). A two year old that is loosing the battle to cancer and her amazingly strong and faithful parents. They have to endure something that is incomprehensible to me and my heart goes out to them.

Why do I read these stories... to make me stop and really, truly appreciate the gift I have been given. It makes me hold Kian a little closer. Slow down and be with him. Give him a few more kisses and hugs. Savor all those little baby giggles. Smell his sweet baby smell and caress his soft baby skin. Because I can not even begin to imagine my world without this precious soul.