March 1, 2010

9 months!

You have now been with us "outside" longer than you were "inside". (Actually, that happened about 3.5 weeks ago since you were born early). What can I say?! You continue to amaze me and I am sure you always will. You're personality is slowly starting to emerge but I can't pinpoint specifics yet. It seems like you are a little bit of a daredevil, you are focused and determined, you are a social butterfly/flirt.

I was just telling my grandma how happy and smiley you are. That you smile and flirt with everyone. In fact, if people aren't paying enough attention to you, you will smile more and start doing things to get their attention. She said you do not take after me :-). That I was more reserved. Not you though, it's awesome!

Things that are happening now:
  • You now have 4 bottom teeth but no top teeth! The 2 new teeth came in on Valentine's weekend.
  • You are a pro at commando crawling. You will get up on all fours and rock a little but quickly just fall to your belly. It's almost like you don't really care to figure out real crawling.
  • In the past week you have figured out how to sit up from laying down. This is making nap time a little harder because you want to sit up all the time. You will be crying with your eyes closed, rolling all over the bed and sitting up. Then just collapse and start it all over again. It's like your body has a mind of its own. Eventually you pass out.
  • You seem to be getting less interested in baby food and more interested in adult food.
  • You will just sit and play for an hour or more by yourself...thank you!
  • You are scary in your walker. We constantly feel like we are being chased and you are very fast. I was trying to vacuum this weekend and you were DETERMINED to run over/into the vacuum. Then the walker would get tangled in the cord. My feet were being run over. You also had a wooden spoon that you were waving around as you screamed at the top of your lungs. So I spent quite a awhile pushing you away so I could get the floors vacuumed while you barreled right back at me, threatening me with the spoon :-). I know it would have been easier to put you in the play area but you were having so much fun. I wish I knew what you were thinking and that I had the while thing taped!
  • You will stand and hold onto things for a few minutes but aren't pulling yourself up yet. However, you thinking it is really funny to let go and fall backwards. So far, somebody catches you or you land on your butt on the carpet so it's ok. But one of these times you might find out its not so fun. You would much rather do this though than actually stand.
  • You have started "swim lessons". We spend 20 minutes letting you splash around in the water, getting use to being on your belly and back. You love the water!

That's all I can think of now. I love you Kian!

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