January 14, 2010

He does laugh!!!

I think I've mentioned before but Kian is not a laugher or giggler. He smile 24/7 but it's like he doesn't know how to laugh. Or we are just not funny enough. Whatever the reason it is a long, tedious project to try to get even a hint of giggle out of the boy. When he finally does it sounds forced or fake. It's become a big joke around the house. Really, I'm not a big laugher either, that's Izaac's department.

Well, a couple of nights ago we decided to organize the pots and pans cabinet. Kian was in his walker and Isabel and I were sitting on the floor. I had Isa take all the pans and lids out and while I was trying to figure out the best way to organize them, Isa became a one woman band. She had a basket and a couple different pans set up, I don't think she was singing but I can't remember. This went on for a few minutes, she was in her own world drumming away. Neither of us were paying attention to Kian. The next think I hear is a full on, belly laugh coming from the walker. I look over and baby boy is watching Isabel and LAUGHING. Hard. For a few minutes. It was really cute to watch. I have no idea why she was so funny but he sure enjoyed the show.

We decided to see if he wanted to participate in the band. Set him on the floor and gave him a wooden spoon to bang away with. Not so much. The spoon when straight in his mouth. After awhile he grabbed a lid and started banging it around but he did not seem to get as much enjoyment out of that as he did watching Isabel.

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