November 9, 2009

End of soccer 2009

This is the first year Isabel played soccer. It was so much fun. I wish the season was longer than 7 weeks. The kids are just starting to understand what is going on and the season is over. Isabel did great for being the first time playing. She came al ong way in seven weeks! The first few practices she would play then get distracted and lay on the ground "watching stars". At least that didn't happen during the game :-)

It's interesting how polite they are when playing. Time after time the ball gets kicked to one kid, then they all wait while he takes his turn kicking before they go for it. It is such a hard concept to get them to get in there and take it away. They are all so used to taking turns.

This age group doesn't have goalies but htey have two kids that stay back as defenders. This was not Isa's strong point. She would get very distracted/bored. However, when they put her in to play the other positions she did great. One of the funniest thigs that happened was when Isa tried to retrieve a ball from the net and managed to get herself stuck in the net. Actually, I think this happened two weeks in a row :-). Good times!

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