August 6, 2009

Pictures from Ohio visit

We took Kian to visit all my family in Ohio (his second plane trip in his first 8 weeks!). He met so many friends and family, and totally got spoiled by grandma and grandpa. We are still, 4 days later, trying to get him to nap in his bed. He prefers a lap, a chest, a walk or a rock to sleep now. The trip was great and we wish we could have spent more time.

Kian was such a trouper on the flight. Sleeping pretty much the whole time. We did have a horrible hour waiting for the flight where he cried almost non-stop. The thought crossed my mind that we might have to take a later flight once he calmed down, but he settled right before we boarded. I think grandma must have told him to behave that way so we could stay longer :-)

Greatgrandma Abrams. Do you see our wedding picture in the bottom left:-)

He loved his sink baths!

I am obssessed with his feet

Greatgrandpa Abrams

Greatgrandma Abrams

Huge smile


Ohio Grandma said...

We so enjoyed Kian's visit. He hardly cried at at while in Ohio with his grand parents.

Love all, Ohio Grandma

labrams2 said...

enjoyed meeting the little one he is so handsome but i think mine are just as wonderful cant wait to see him and you all agsin and isabel and mandy send more pic

lots of love
aunt retta
uncle tom

Megan said...

I love him in the sink! How cute is that!!!

Ohio Grandma said...

Grandma needs more grandchildren pictures and stories.